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Reentry services aim to help people return to society after prison, reducing risk of relapsing back to criminal behavior and improving public safety. Fortaleza Treatment Centers in Elyria and Cleveland, Ohio, has mental health clinics that offer reentry services. To learn more about this program and how it can help you or your family, call the office nearest you, or schedule a consultation online today.

Reentry Services Q & A

What are reentry services?

Reentry services are programs that aim to help those recently incarcerated transition back into society. It’s not uncommon for ex-offenders to have a hard time returning to regular life after spending time in prison. 

Their criminal history may make it hard for them to get a job, or they may suffer from a mental health condition or substance abuse problem not addressed during incarceration.  

Reentry services aid the felon’s transition back into the community, helping to prevent a return to criminal activity and reincarceration.

What are the benefits of reentry services?

Reentry services are needed because they benefit the ex-offender and their community. Some of these benefits include:

Public safety

A large percentage of felons are rearrested for new crimes within three years after their release from prison. These crimes disrupt the community and may affect the safety of the residents. 

Reentry services provide the felon with the tools necessary to prevent a return to criminal activity for survival, reducing risk of harm.


A criminal history significantly affects your ability to get a job that pays an income you can live on. Reentry services help reduce employment barriers and improve competition for employment to increase wages. 


Felons may have difficulty getting the health services they need when they leave prison. They may also struggle with an addiction that can make it hard to return to regular life. 

Reentry services provide the health care felons need, often addressing the root problems of their criminal activity — mental illness, substance abuse, or both.


Reentry services provide ex-offenders with opportunities to learn. Improving their education level may reduce their risk of reincarceration.


Without an income or job, ex-offenders may struggle to find stable housing. Reentry services connect those in need of housing with the community resources that offer affordable housing. 

What can I expect from reentry services?

Reentry services at Fortaleza Treatment Centers are customized to meet your specific needs. You work closely with case management specialists, who assess your emotional well-being and life stresses. Then, they create a plan that includes the resources and tools you need to reenter society. 

In addition to case management, reentry services at Fortaleza Treatment Centers may include:

  • Addiction treatment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Drug testing
  • Adult transition program
  • Psychiatry
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Reentry services at Fortaleza Treatment Centers strengthen individuals, families, and the community.

To learn more about reentry services at Fortaleza Treatment Centers, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.