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A substance use disorder affects your physical, emotional, and social well-being and may lead to activities that cause legal problems. However, a substance use disorder is a disease, not a crime. Fortaleza Treatment Centers in Elyria and Cleveland, Ohio, understand the wide-reaching effects of addiction and has an adult transition program to help those in drug court. Learn more about the adult transition program by calling the nearest office, or by scheduling an appointment online today. 

Adult Transition Program Q & A

What is an adult transition program?

An adult transition program is one of the mental health services available at Fortaleza Treatment Centers. This program aims to provide emotional, social, and physical support for someone struggling with an addiction who also has legal problems.

Alcohol and drug addiction aren't crimes; they’re chronic brain disorders. Abusing drugs and alcohol changes the brain’s chemistry, making it hard to stop using. 

However, substance abuse causes an overwhelming compulsion and craving for the drug, leading to dangerous or criminal activities. 

Because substance abuse is a disease that requires ongoing treatment, the justice system offers drug courts for those struggling with substance abuse who turn to crime to support their habit.

The purpose of the drug court is to help you recover from your addiction and reduce your risk of future criminal activity. Fortaleza Treatment Centers work with the drug courts in Lorain and  Cuyahoga County, providing the long-term medical and mental treatment needed for substance abuse. 

Who can participate in an adult transition program?

Fortaleza Treatment Centers works with the drug court to determine who participates in the adult transition program. To take part, you must agree to enter long-term drug treatment and participate in court supervision. 

You must also maintain sobriety, take on responsibilities, and make changes to your lifestyle. 

Instead of jail time, the adult transition program provides you with the treatments, tools, and support you need to sustain long-term recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction. 

What can I expect from an adult transition program?

The details of your adult transition program depend on the court's ruling. You work with case management at Fortaleza Treatment Centers, which creates and implements your plan. 

Your program may include:

  • Addiction treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Lab testing
  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling

Case management also connects you with community resources that can help you get housing, employment, community service, and education. They also work with the court and help you get legal assistance to manage your case.

Substance use disorder is a disease and requires medical interventions and support to maintain long-term recovery. To learn more about the adult transition program at Fortaleza Treatment Centers, call the most convenient office, or schedule an appointment online today.