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An addiction is a chronic disease, and like any other long-term illness, requires ongoing medical care. Fortaleza Treatment Centers in Elyria and Cleveland, Ohio, provide comprehensive addiction treatment for substance abuse and opioid dependency. Taking a holistic approach to care, the mental health centers utilize research-based best practice clinical guidelines for their addiction treatment program. Recovery is possible with the right help. Call the office nearest you, or schedule an appointment online today.

Addiction Treatment Q & A

What is an addiction?

An addiction is a compulsive and chronic need for a habit-forming substance or activity. A drug addiction, also known as substance abuse, is the uncontrollable need to use a substance despite the potential consequences.

A drug addiction is a brain disorder. Drug use changes your brain’s chemistry, triggering the compulsive need to use. These changes in the brain also make it hard to stop using the drug, even if you want to. 

Fortaleza Treatment Centers has mental health clinics that specialize in treating alcohol and drug addiction (AOD), including opioid dependency, using research-based best practices.

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment includes the various methods in use at Fortaleza Treatment Centers to help you recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. The practice takes a holistic approach to care, focusing on your whole health, not your addiction.

When it comes to addiction, no single method works for all. The centers customize your treatment program to support your recovery and sobriety.

Who needs addiction treatment?

Anyone struggling with substance abuse needs addiction treatment at Fortaleza Treatment Centers. The mental health practice specializes in opioid dependency.

You may also benefit from addiction treatment if you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder or you’re abusing other drugs such as stimulants, inhalants, or other prescription medication.

What are some of the addiction treatment services?

Fortaleza Treatment Centers offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Services include:

Lab testing

After your initial meeting with the counselor at Fortaleza Treatment Centers, you take a drug test. The mental health centers use an independent provider for lab testing to get accurate results.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

MAT is one of the most effective treatments for addiction. It includes medications that help control cravings for the drug, along with counseling and behavioral therapy.


Fortaleza Treatment Centers has board-certified psychiatrists who assist in assessing mental health and prescribing medications to support your recovery.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Fortaleza Treatment Centers offers an extensive IOP for addiction that includes individual and group therapy, along with a recovery maintenance program.

Case management

An addiction is a lifelong condition. Fortaleza Treatment Centers provide case management services to connect you with resources in your community that support your recovery and help you stay sober. 

Addiction treatment at Fortaleza Treatment Centers aim to strengthen you, your family, and the community you live in. Call the office nearest you, or schedule an appointment online today.