Restoring from Within Mentors Training Manual©

Anthony Villa

The following is an outline for a training manual which is set up and designed to utilize a step-by-step approach to effectively weave together the following components between mentors and mentees.

The Restoring from Within Mentors Training Manual will be set up in four major phases:

Vision, Personal Experience, Spirituality and Purpose

Each phase will focus on these elements:

  • Provide a framework for identifying emotional and cognitive barriers
  • Create opportunities for mentors to connect emotionally and cognitively with mentees
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of key ex-offender stages of re-entry
  • Construct a “Personal and Group” plan of action

Each lesson plan will include:

  • Workbook questions / ratings
  • Classroom discussion questions
  • Training goals
  • Journal entries
  • Troubleshooting session
  • Scripture reference point
  • Personal revelation time
  • Creating options circle

Re-Entry 1

Re-Entry 2

Re-Entry 3


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