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Fortaleza is committed to helping you rebuild your life. We strive to begin the process of helping you tap into your human potential to living a drug-free lifestyle with purpose.

Our team of experts will utilize our unique approach as we begin by strengthening the individual, working with the families, and the communities in which you live. This is an important part of your recovery. Knowing how this all comes together is key to what we do. Working through our process you will get the help you need for your drug addiction and be on your way to a recovery process that is customized just for you.

We are set up to provide unique, quality individual and family services in Spanish and English. One of our main focuses is opiate addiction services.

Fortaleza encourages FAMILY and FRIENDS to be a part of the recovery process in order to rebuild family bonds and become an integral element of the individual support team. Those who love you have been affected the most by the adversity caused by drug addiction.

If you are dependent on drugs in order to get through the day, the time is now to address the real problem affecting you.

The question is: How do you know if you really want to quit? You deserve to have purpose in life, and great things can and will come to you. Everyone has the ability to do great things in their life.

You CAN stop USING drugs, but can you do it alone? Yes, some will say they have, but the reality is:  You are going to find this journey to be really difficult, starting with the withdrawal symptoms, and then dealing with all the broken relationships, lost jobs, lack of housing, medical problems, and all the hurt, pain, shame, and humiliation this disease has caused for you and your loved ones.

We can show you many different ways to deal with the tough fight of beating drug addiction.


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Our services are aimed at assisting individuals, families and friends struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism or any other serious drug issues that are causing you to be someone you don’t like. With our Intensive Outpatient Program counseling team of experts, we have many unique options of helping you deal with this tough journey.

Call us now for a confidential conversation to find out how you can get help in dealing with this drug dependency problem once and for all. Become a part of the Fortaleza movement by using our strategies of Strengthening Individuals, Families and Communities program. Call now for a confidential conversation to find out what makes us so unique and unlike any other drug addiction program out there. 440-324-7406

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